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  • Tired of constant arguments and meltdowns? Taking a coach approach to parenting helps ADD/ADHD children manage emotions and resolve conflicts productively.

  • Does your child struggle at school? Help your child break through ADD/ADHD barriers and find success!

  • Is ADD/ADHD taking over your life and affecting your relationships? Get the support you need to get your family back on track.

  • Does it seem like everything – your house, work, mind - is messy and disorganized? Regain order and turn the chaos into calm.

  • Is parenting your ADD/ADHD child more exhausting than exciting? ImpactADHD®’s compassionate coaches, Elaine and Diane, help you help your kids.

Discover How to Manage Kids

Designed for parents who want to stop struggling and find the joy in parenting.

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Learn How to Thrive as a Parent

Thriving as a person helps you thrive as a parent, ensuring your ADD/ADHD child has the best shot at success.

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  • "Personally, I really like ImpactADHD® Coaching Club calls. The live interaction gives me a good balance of feeling challenged, supported, and encouraged all at the same time!"

    -Kristi B

  • "Thank you ImpactADHD®! My daughter thanks you... my kid gets to focus on being a kid again. She gets to find joy in her accomplishments and areas of expertise, share and laugh at her 'did I do that' moments, recognize that she would rather not deal with ADHD stuff but also recognize that life is better when she deals with challenges, and that when the fireworks ignite, Mom and Dad are there for her."

    -Michelle S.

  • "I wanted to say just how helpful this process is for me. Thanks for working through it with me. I find there are many ways I get stuck in how to handle something or move forward and talking it through with your insights and knowledge really are invaluable to me. God bless you ladies! I just had to give you a shout and say thank you!"

    - Sarah

  • "As a parent I feel frustrated that my kid is so easily distracted. It’s hard to get him to cooperate and move with the fast pace that life demands at times. ImpactADHD® gives me a place to slow down, get help with coaching, and remember that I’m not alone."

    - Michelle

  • "WOW! Just incredible. ALL of your effort, hours, blood, sweat & tears have paid off big time. I love this site even more. Thank you."

    - Tami 

  • "Parent training is one of the most effective means for helping children with ADHD."

    - Tony Levitas, PsyD

  • "Thank you so very much!  Yesterday evening was the very first time we had a report card night that went well! I asked him about the report card and what he thought about it. We talked about it, and had the discussion about how amazing and smart he is, but that with the ADD, his challenge is organization, etc. By the end of the evening, we had a plan that he bought into, and we all went to bed happy.  Nobody got upset, nobody stomped off, nobody yelled.  WOW!"

    Sheri D, Atlanta

  • “It is with great excitement that I recommend "ImpactADHD®" to my patients. This program is long overdue. Non-medical strategies add benefit to the treatment of children with ADHD. ImpactADHD® staff will be key members of the treatment team.”

    - Elizabeth M. LeDuc, M.D., Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics; Diplomate, American Board of Pediatrics

  • "I am so grateful for the advice and support I received from your site. I was at a desperate and helpless time with my son. I felt such comfort having read the testimonials from other parents and sufferers of add-adhd. I implemented your many useful tips. One by one.  Over time the stress subsided knowing that I had your site to return to. Thank you and GOD BLESS you all."

    Lisa Sandoval-Clavesilla

  • “My coaching sessions have provided guidance for working with my ADHD son. I get encouragement and ideas for what to try with my parenting skills. I am grateful to my coach for her patience and support.”

    - Susan, Parent

  • “You help me see the forest for the trees. You help me see things that I really could not get my arms around before, in a different light. I have learned to accept and appreciate who my kids are, embracing as opposed to fighting them.”


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