Quick TipDon’t Read That! Why the Media Stokes Parents’ Worst Fears

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Today’s tip is for the Media: Stop giving airtime to “experts” who deny the existence of a bio-neurological condition! The evidence of ADHD can be seen not only on brain scans, but in the lives of the families coping with it. Stop spreading mistruths, which would be silly if they weren’t so hurtful. Stop saying ADHD is just too much sugar, food coloring, “bad” parenting, or overindulged kids. The truth is that ADHD is real, and the media’s lack of compassion – and comprehensive, accurate reporting – is tremendously detrimental for families.

Think they’ll listen? I have my doubts! So, here’s a tip for all of us parents. Beware of sensational headlines. The media isn’t speaking from a place of compassion; they’re businesses looking for ways to create tension and sell newspapers (or the digital equivalent). We have to work hard not to take news stories – or comments on Facebook or at the grocery store – personally, because it undermines what we’re trying to do for our kids.

When we find support and compassion with people who understand what we’re going through, then we can make progress. The media? Be a wise consumer.

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