Quick TipEat with Your Mouth Open (or How to Get to School on Time)

Get to school on time

Now Miss Manners might have a bone to pick with me on this one, but I’ve finally figured out how one piece to getting my son out the door to school – on time!

Since Miss Manners probably never raised a child with ADHD, she didn’t understand that one characteristic of ADHD that can wear a parent out faster than lightning is a child who talks… incessantly. Call it what you will — constant chatter, external processing (or as my husband says in private, “verbal diarrhea.”) If your ADHD child is a chatter-box, you know how maddening it can be.

But worse, it can slow everything down.

So here’s our solution. In the mornings, when he’s just happily (thankfully) chattering away and we want to keep things moving, we give him a simple direction: Eat with your mouth open. Now that’s a direction a 12 year old boy is happy to follow!

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