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How to Set Effective Limits on Video Games

With Randy Kulman, Ph.D.
President of LearningWorks for Kids

April 30th at 8pm EST

In this critically important webinar for parents, you will learn:
• Top reasons that video games engage children with ADHD (you might be surprised!)
• How to use your child’s love of video games to promote LESS time with screen-based play
• Ways to make the best use of the video game play time your child has!

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ADHD Logistics Don’t Have to be a Nightmare!

With Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC, CPCC, ACG

May 20th at 8pm EST

In this information packed (but not overwhelming) webinar you’ll learn:
• The broad range of time management and organization challenges in an ADHD home
• Secrets from the business world that can liberate parents
• Tips & solutions to simplify your ADHD household

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Why Creative Minds Crave Structure

With Rick Green

In this call Writer-Actor-Director Rick Green from
• Refutes 5 romantic myths about creativity
• Shares the truth about creativity and ADHD
• Shares 3 Simple Strategies to Build the Creative Muscle (as seen on TV!)

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