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Parents Love Us!

"You are saving my relationship with my son."

- Sheri D, GA

Parents Love Us!

"Over the last six months, the changes in my relationship with my son have been profound. I do a lot less yelling and reacting, and a lot more listening and problem solving. Meltdowns and stress are down, and our confidence is up. While making some recent financial cuts, my husbands and I had to decide whether to continue with ImpactADHD. He said, “There's no better investment.” I felt the same way. Think of all the money I'm saving on health issues, junkfood, parenting books and marriage and family counseling! Best of all, I know this change can last if I keep working on it, and keep checking in with the coaches at ImpactADHD to keep me on my game."

- Audrey W, WA

Parents Love Us!

"I wanted to say just how helpful your program is for me. I find there are many ways I get stuck in how to handle something or move forward, and talking it through with your insights and knowledge really are invaluable to me. God bless you ladies — thanks for working through this process with me! I just had to give you a shout and say thank you!"

- Sarah

Parents Love Us!

"No one, absolutely no one, does parent training and coaching better than ImpactADHD. As a pediatrician who works specifically with children with ADHD, I recommend ImpactADHD to all of the parents in my practice. These women get ADHD families and how to help them like no one else on the planet. The return on an investment in learning what they can teach you will be priceless.”

- Karin Varblow, MD

Parents Love Us!

"How do I know parent coaching works for life with ADHD kids? We are having a snow day today, and I have only raised my voice ONCE. The rest of the time has been actually pleasant. These days used to be TORTURE…. "

- Cristina K.

Parents Love Us!

"I learned so much just by reading your website. I appreciate that you put so much information out there for free, and it really let me get to know you and trust you. As parents, there are so many things we consider doing, but we don't really know if they're good or not. Your website really helped me know that you're going to give me the support I need."

- Cristina A.

Parents Love Us!

"I want to tell you how wonderful your is. We're an Aspie family, and there's such valuable parenting and coping content on your site that translates well to our family life. It's an incredible thing you're doing. There is so much power in building community and sharing ideas and experiences. Thank you."

- Mary Anne K.