Ann Shanahan, ADHD/EF Coach

Ann Shanahan was a professional in the field of safety and management. Ann began as a UPS driver upon her graduation from college. She quickly was promoted into the management ranks becoming one of the first female Managers of the brown package car drivers you see in your neighborhood in the North Illinois district. Becoming adept to the UPS defensive driving ways she became the North Illinois Safety Manager, responsible for the training and development of the fleet of drivers and brown trucks you see on the street every day. After 15 years with UPS Ann took some time off . She married, had a daughter and went back to school to renew her K-12 teaching certificate. During this time she learned more about the challenges of those children who fall under the radar, the children/teens who need just that much extra time, commitment to achieve their goals . Ann decided to learn all she could about executive functioning and the challenges of ADHD and at the same time, life took another turn. Ann and her family became involved in a "Summer Miracles Program" a program that brings older adoptable children to the United States for 5 weeks each summer. Ann and her family adopted a 10 year old son from Kazakhstan. Soon they were faced with 2 teens eligible for a driving permit. Ann feels that everything she has done in her life has lead her to this point. Her vast experience training UPS drivers, her education degree and her 2 teenage children eligible to drive within the same year. She is looking forward to being part of educating parents and Driver Ed professionals as they work together towards safer streets for our young people.

Guest Expert Articles
by Ann Shanahan, ADHD/EF Coach