Manage Your ADHD

Regina Lark, PhD, CPO, CPO-CD

As a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization (CPO-CD) she specializes in working with people with chronic disorganization, ADHD, hoarding disorders, as well as the folks with way too much stuff! Regina, a Certified Professional Organizer, is currently serving as President of the Board of Directors for NAPO-Los Angeles, and is a new BCPO Board member. She is a speaker and trainer on issues ranging from hoarding to time management. Regina's first book, Psychic Debris, Crowded Closets: The Relationship between the Stuff in your Head and What's Under your Bed (2013 Purple Books Publishing), was released as a second edition in Fall 2014. Her second book, Before the Big O: Professional Organizers Talk about Life before Organizing was published in June 2014. Regina ran for the office of Lt. Governor in California in 1998, and a year later completed her Ph.D. in history from the University of Southern California. For fun, she teaches U.S. History at Los Angeles Pierce College.

Guest Expert Articles
by Regina Lark, PhD, CPO, CPO-CD