Parents Should Know about ADHD

Selene Ashewood, Author

Selene Ashewood, aka S. A. Leigh, authored “Why Can't You Stop Talking?!” 11-Year-Old Me & ADHD. In this book, she shares funny stories and practical tips on organization, motivation, friendships, exercise, and creativity. Selene is a 7th grader slogging through homework - making honor roll - and training to become a fierce ninja. She publishes poems and stories in magazines using her actual name. Her blogs appear in and; she presents at Washington, DC-based events. Selene's family includes her weary parents, a bold sister, and two lovable dogs. Writing inspirations are plentiful . . . thanks to ADHD and the imaginative outbursts it brings. Follow her on Twitter at SeleneAshewood. Her book is available on Amazon and other e-retailers.

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by Selene Ashewood, Author