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Katherine Ellison

Coping With ADHD

By Katherine Ellison

Katherine Ellison’s Secret Trick Like millions of literally millions of other parents around the world, I cope with ADHD as…

Karen Paz

Life Under the Big Top

By Karen Paz

As a child, we dream of growing up, getting married and having kids. We imagine how many kids we may…

Carol Ann Brannon

Upgrade Yourself, Upgrade Your Health

By Carol Ann Brannon

Have you ever made the decision while traveling to upgrade from coach to first-class? Traveling in first-class is less stressful,…

Beth McGaw

Sharing Your Story

By Beth McGaw

As a parent of a child with ADHD, my journey has been full of joy, frustration and hope. My focus…

Leverage ADHD

What the Future Holds

By Dr. Billi Bittan

As an ADHD Coach and Expressive Arts Therapist, parents often come to me feeling lost, confused and directionless. Sometimes they’re…

Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights for Children with ADHD

By Diane Dempster

Bill of Rights for Children with ADHD Author Unknown Help me to focus…Please teach me through my sense of touch. I…

Wanting For Yourself

Wanting For Yourself

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Do you have any clue what you want for yourself? I know I struggle with that a lot, so let’s…