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Breakfast on the go

Getting a Good Breakfast on the Go

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Breakfast starts our metabolic clock and gives us the energy and clarity to conquer the world – or at least…

Rewards are more effective

Why Rewards are More Effective than Consequences

By Diane Dempster

If you don’t, if you don’t, if you don’t… If you don’t clean your room, you lose your favorite game…


Want to Get ADHD Kids to Pick Up Their Things?

By Jeffrey Katz

It’s frustrating when your kids leave their things lying around. It takes a lot of cajoling, and sometimes anger, to…

Reward Systems

3 Foundations That Successful Reward Systems Are Built On 

By Diane Dempster

Keep Rewards In Your Toolbox Even if kids did come with an instruction manual, it would be written for a…


How to Plan Your Day…Week…LIFE! Simple Structures to Leverage the Power of Planning

By Alan Brown

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they…

reward system

Teenagers Need Reward Systems Too!!

By Jeremy Didier

A Humble Surprise My beautiful daughter and I recently had the honor of presenting at a conference on the topic…


Ensure the Success of Your Reward System With These 3 Tips

By Diane Dempster

A reward system can be a powerful behavior management tool. How can you change make it work well in your…


Rewards Systems: Why They Work and How to Start One

By Diane Dempster

The Power of Reward Systems Whatever the goal, rewards are tremendously uplifting and motivating for anyone. If you’re trying to…


6 Tools to Remember Your Grocery List (Or Anything Else)

By Beth Ardell

Strengthening memory, for people with ADHD or other learning differences, can improve executive functioning and focus, as well as decrease…