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How to Get Your Family to Clean Your House

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

 A Client Success Story My clients are brilliant at solving their problems!! And let me be honest…since getting my kids…


How to Help Teens with ADHD Stop Procrastinating

Interview with Michael Delman

As parents, we can’t help but worry when our teens won’t stop procrastinating. It can bring up some deep-rooted fears:…

woman sitting outside

Take a Fresh Air Break

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

You’re distracted, fatigued, and crabby. Frankly, you need a break from parenting. It could be that this pandemic seems to…


It All Starts with Sleep

By Ari Tuckman

Somehow it’s still amazing to me how often I wind up talking about the importance of sleep with my clients.…


4 Clues that Family Members are Stressed (& 3 Tips to Help)

By Diane Dempster

Nobody’s Perfect Even the most balanced and grounded parents have “off” days. Life and work stressors can create imbalance, turbulence,…

Kids to Get Things Done in the Summer

How To Get Complex Kids to Get Things Done in the Summer

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Take Advantage of Summer Summer is the BEST time of all to help kids with executive function challenges learn how…


Parent Self Care: Aristotle Says Go Out and Play

By Matthew Weneta

Note this Wisdom of the Ages: as a parent, you have a right  — actually, a responsibility — to make…

trouble getting started

4 Reasons Anxious Kids Have Trouble “Getting Started”

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

No Magic Tricks Here Like so many challenges our kids face, I cannot wave a magic wand and change my…

Parents Letting go

Parents Letting Go: 4 Steps for Complex Kids

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

You know what captures the essence of parenting better than anything? It’s that moment when you realize, just when you…