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Sarah Wright

A Brief History of ADHD (& ADHD Awareness Week)

By Sarah Wright

This week is ADHD Awareness week. In some sense, it actually finds its beginnings in 1902, the year that one…

is it the adhd

Is It the ADHD, or Is It Something Else?: Part 2

By Diane Dempster

I often hear parents ask. “Is it the ADHD, or is something else?”  I understand the question, because sometimes I…

Richard Layton

Diagnosing ADHD: An Integrative Pediatricians' View

By Richard Layton

“Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability.” Sir Dr. William Osler (one of the great physicians…

Joy Lunt

ADHD and The Brain

By Joy Lunt

Why People With ADHD Do What They Do When Elaine was seeking non-prescriptive ways to enhance her child’s brain function,…

Carrie Heller

Join the Circus

By Carrie Heller

At the age of eight my parents sent me to a summer camp that happened to have circus as one…


How to Manage ADHD Effectively: 6 Fundamental Steps

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

ADHD Is Manageable! That’s the message of the new e-book by ImpactADHD, “ADHD in Reality: Practical Tips FROM Parents, FOR…


Lessons from CHADD, 12 Things We Learned

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

We have just returned from an exhilarating (albeit exhausting) weekend at the international CHADD conference (Children and Adults with ADHD).…