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Digital Dates With Your Kids

digital dates

Ok, I know that the prevailing wisdom is to put down our cell phones, model limits and look our kids in the eyes. Absolutely agree. But I also say, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” Setting up digital dates with your kids can ease the pain of screen time.

Since my teenager has moved away, I’ve had some great conversations with her. True connection, deep meaning, even problem-solving – all in the privacy of our telephone screens. There are times that a text conversation is exactly what we need to communicate, even if no words are actually spoken.

Am I suggesting you replace your dinner-time with text time? Of course not! But rather than just seeing the “evil” of digital distractions, I suggest that we can use these new forms of connection to our advantage. Be human with your kids. Text, chat, post. Make jokes. Will you embarrass them? Maybe a little. Will they secretly appreciate your attention? You bet – as long as you’re not judging or criticizing.

Oh, and an added bonus: if you use the technology to have some fun, your kid may be more likely to answer the phone when you call!

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