Do you ever feel overwhelmed, like you cannot handle one more outburst or challenging behavior? Do you feel like your family is falling apart, and you are just hanging on? Do you feel like you’re giving everything you have, but it never seems to be enough?

We, Diane Dempster and Elaine Taylor-Klaus, have felt this way, and have lived to tell the tale! So, we founded ImpactADHD® for parents like us — who have struggled, or are struggling day in and day out, to help their families thrive. We wanted to create a better way for parents to keep it all together, and a place for parents to connect, share, and learn how to coach themselves and their families to achieve that better way.

Kids with ADD and ADHD are complicated, and the role of their parents is powerfully important. ImpactADHD® brings parents together, and offers comprehensive resources and training that emphasizes a “coach-approach.” By learning to be coach-like, you can find the balance between guiding your kids, and empowering them to be independent.

At the same time, you will discover the tools and strategies you need to handle everything from managing emotional outbursts and difficult behavior, to helping your kids excel at school and in their social lives. More good news: the coaching skills you learn, and the confidence you find in yourself, can be applied to any aspect of your life. It will help you improve all of your relationships, not just the one with your child.

As certified coaches with extensive training in ADD/ADHD, we, Elaine and Diane, know that coaching works. It gives you, the parent, a system and a structure for success. It encourages, empowers, and motivates you to encourage, empower, and motivate your kids. We know coaching has made a huge difference in our families – and that it can make a huge difference in yours.

Parents need attention too. With compassion, experience and expertise, we are committed to providing connection, encouragement, support, training, and coaching to put it all into action. When you are successful, your kids will be more successful.