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Can coaching really help you? Yes, if you want to stop yelling and start managing; if you want to stop struggling and start enjoying your family. If you want to stop feeling like you’re just one outburst, or one difficulty, away from the edge!

As parents of kids with ADD/ADHD, we (Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster) founded ImpactADHD® and developed the Coach-Approach to parenting, because we understand how challenging life can be – and how powerful and empowering coaching can be. Coaching gives you, the parent, the tools you need to manage ADD/ADHD and help your children thrive.

When parents succeed, kids succeed. Unfortunately, we parents often put ourselves last. Therefore we have developed several unique Coaching Programs that put you in a position to really help your family build stronger relationships, and live with greater calm and peace in your home. We provide real training, and the coaching to make it work in your life. We also help you develop the skills you need to help your child cope with ADD/ADHD, to see your child’s potential instead of focusing only on limits.

How Does the Coach-Approach Work?

Coaching helps parents by giving you “permission” to pay attention to yourself, as well as your children. By attending to your approach to parenting, you gain greater confidence and self-esteem – all important tools for managing ADD/ADHD, and for modelling it for your children. Coaching also shows parents how to:

  • Become better communicators.
  • Identify needs and set goals.
  • Manage behavior and set expectations.
  • Offer guidance.
  • Educate their families on how ADD/ADHD impacts all of them.
  • Advocate for their kids and work with service providers.
  • Build and promote self-esteem and confidence.
  • Use a Coach-Approach with their kids.

As coaches, we understand ADD/ADHD, and we understand the struggles and challenges parents face everyday. We can help you build the framework for managing your unique, complicated kids. When you use a coach-like approach with your children, you:

  • Give them support and structure.
  • Help them build the skills they need for success in school and in life.
  • Help them become accountable, independent kids.
  • Emphasize their strengths.
  • Move from criticism to acceptance and guidance.

You know there is a better way to manage, and a better way to live. Coaching helps you create a structure to support your ADD/ADHD kid. Best of all, it helps you rediscover the wonder, excitement, and adventure of being a parent.