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What Kids Think Parents Should Know About ADHD & Motivation

So, what do kids think parents should know about ADHD? Almost 13-year-old author, Selene Ashewood, has some pretty straight-forward answers in this interview about parents, kids, ADHD and Motivation. According to Selene, kids need their parents to know five key things right off the bat:

  1.  Kids need parents to believe ADHD is a real condition. "A lot of parents believe it is some kind of excuse or you are daydreaming too much."
  2. Kids think parents should know how hard school has gotten"School has gotten harder over the years no matter what grade you are in.
  3. Kids think parents should know them better. "Is your kid someone who is very good at organization? Or are they completely terrible at it? Or are they the type that like Science but dislike English? Or do they love Math but dislike theatre or something like that? Because once you know what your child loves, it just makes it easier for them and yourself as a parent."
  4. Kids think parents should not have everything be about school. "Every time you come in the room it can be just to talk to them, it isn't just assignments and homework and stuff. You want them to think of you still as your parent, not just a reminder of school."
  5. Kids think parents should focus on your relationship with them. "Show your child that your entire relationship isn't just academics ...because that makes the kid feel like they want to do it less. Show them more of a human standard and say, 'yes, I know it is hard'… Try to be a real person with your kid.

And that's just the beginning of this interview, which is packed full of kid-wisdom that any parent would be wise to listen to!


In the rest of this interview, Selene talks about the power of motivation to help kids with ADHD (and other challenges) overcome stereotypes and achieve incredible things. She explains why she was motivated to write her book, “Why Can't You Stop Talking?!” 11-Year-Old Me & ADHD," and how she motivated herself to get started, stick with it, and get it done! Selene wanted to challenge the assumption that people with ADHD can't be successful, and she achieved a whole lot more than that.

And as if that's not enough, she goes on to offer some solid advice for kids and their parents. Drawing instinctively on the motivators for people with ADHD, Selene talks about how important it is for kids to be interested in what they're doing, and how to find ways to make things interesting even if they don't start out that way. She touches on the importance of creativity, and humor … all this from a kid who is self-taught in managing ADHD, and a true success!

Whether your child has ADHD or not, if you struggle with helping your child find the motivation to achieve anything expected of him or her, then take 25 minutes or so to listen to Selene's thoughts. And if you've EVER wondered what kids think parent's should know about ADHD and motivation, we promise… you won't be disappointed!

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