Married to ADHD: Have a Healthy, Collaborative Relationship

A client of mine recently told me that he loved this video interview with me, created by ShareWIK Media as part of a larger series of reports on adult ADHD. He wrote, “What really made me jump on board with coaching is Elaine’s video on ‘Marriage and ADHD: Stay Focused’ — It really hit home – that is how it is in our marriage.”

Marriage and ADHD: Stay Focused

So this week, as an homage to my husband (23 years and counting!), I want to share this 3 minute video with you. 🙂

If you are struggling with the impact that ADHD is having on your marriage – I hope this video will give you renewed strength and optimism, some insight to shift your perspective and find a new way of dealing with old challenges.

It’s not always easy to be married to ADHD – regardless of whether you have ADHD yourself. But understanding, acceptance, and the benefit of the doubt can go a long way to holding fast to a relationship with someone you love – which is absolutely critical to holding a marriage together, even in rocky times.

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