Make Your Own Happy Holidays

happy holidays

Ah, the holidays! For years, I felt that my family never saw the best of me because I was always so stressed and overwhelmed. I took on too much, wanting everything to be perfect. It was as if I wanted to spend time with loved ones on the set of our very own Hallmark movie.

And, boy, isn’t that a ton of work!? Waking up on January 2, I’d think, “Wait a second! Where was my happy holidays?!”


Never Too Late — Start Now

So I suggest we make our New Year’s resolution a bit early and promise to remember that this is our holiday, too! Think about your holiday goals now so that you can plan for them and be part of having a (great) holiday season!

Take a few minutes to set intentions:

  • How do you want to feel on January 2?
  • What do you want to remember?
  • What are your priorities?
    • Spending time with your family?
    • Seeing the smile on your kids’ faces as they open the gifts they really wanted?
    • Connecting with your spiritual community?

Here’s the deal: no one knows what holidays are “supposed” to look like except you.

If you don’t have a Martha Stewart table setting or the “right” bottle of wine, no one will know – or care! They’ll remember laughing at the table, taking a walk to see lights, or hearing Uncle John’s favorite joke for the 457th time.

So keep the good times rolling, making priceless memories and having a great holiday season — by cultivating the moments that mean something to you. So you can wake up feeling wonderful on January 2!

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