Quick TipStop Telling Your Child with ADHD to “Be Still”

ADHD Child still

If your child struggles with hyperactivity, movement is part of what helps to organize the brain. So when your kids stops moving, sometimes it makes it hard for them to keep thinking. 

To manage this, whenever possible, allow standing or movement when it is generally expected that ADHD kids sit still or be seated. Generally speaking, if you take the pressure off of your ADHD child to “sit still” all the time, your child’s behavior will start to improve, and you’ll appreciate how simple it can be to enjoy being with your child again.

Perhaps your child can stand at the dinner table, or sit in a swivel chair. Find a bouncy ball to sit on (a large exercise ball works great) during homework time, or allow your child to lie down and bounce her foot off the edge of a couch (or table – Elaine’s daughter loves to do homework lying on the dining room table.)

This may seem odd at first, and there are certainly some places that you cannot make that accommodation. In those instances, handheld fidgets can be enormously helpful.

Of course, there are times that you may need to still a bouncing knee that is distracting an important family conversation, but you can do that more easily, and without reaction from your child, when you are not constantly trying to harness the energy of a racehorse.

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