Quick TipIt’s Time To Want!

Time To Want

Are you a people-pleaser? Do you tend to operate out of obligation? Do you find yourself “making an appearance,” or saying yes to things because someone else asked, without ever really considering if it’s what you want to do?

It’s time to turn your “wanting-dial” up and see what you notice.

Here’s your homework:

For the next week, every time you hear yourself utter a word of obligation – gotta, have to, should, must – replace it with the word, “want.” Notice whether you can say it authentically. (Can you even say it with a straight face?) Then pay attention to how much of your time and effort you spend on what you feel you must do for others, or your work, or your house… you get the picture. Notice when you are doing something and feeling resentful – that will take the generosity right out of it, won’t it?!

You may discover how often you tend to operate from a obligation. This creates the opportunity to evaluate the choices you are making. Or, you might discover that you want to do the laundry so you can wear that shirt on Saturday night, when you want to go to a party that you thought you had to attend!

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