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Never Parent When You Are Angry: Take Time to Take Action

Never Parent When you are Angry

When you are interacting with your kids, particularly during those more “intense” moments — a late assignment, a difficult morning, a broken house rule — it’s easy to fly off the cuff and react with urgency and intensity.  You get angry, and it’s a natural response. Typically, when you make parenting decisions in these moments they aren’t fully rational, or they are over reactive.  After the fact, you may find yourself regretting your actions.

Whenever possible, take time before you take action. Wait until after you’ve taken a few deep breaths, or after they get home from school, or even “tomorrow.”  Make the promise to yourself and your child to follow up and act once you’ve calmed down.  It may not feel that way, but you’ll give a more effective and appropriate response when you give it some time.

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