Quick TipSigns of Adolescent Depression

adolescent depression

Depression is a dangerous and scary disease, and it’s not always easy to recognize. We expect teenagers to be moody and distant sometimes, right?!

But not all the time. Or when it happens suddenly.

Here are some signs to look for that may indicate your child is struggling with Depression. Don’t panic if two or three of these feels familiar. But if many of them seem to resonate with you,
listen to your intuition. Read “What To Do If You Suspect Depression
in your Kid”
for more guidance. And get some help for yourself and
your child.

Some signs to look for include:

  • Tendency to “seclude” or hide
  • Change of friends
  • Retreat from friends
  • Change in interests or energy
  • Schoolwork suddenly a problem
  • Single-word responses
  • Not attending family events
  • Saying no to things they usually like, or stopping routine activities like sports
  • Outbursts of anger
  • Screaming, fighting or picking fights
  • Hyper-critical
  • Rudeness (especially out of character)

How do you know if a teen is depressed or “moody”?

You don’t. So take a deep breath, take responsibility for your child’s health, and take action. Find out for sure. In this case, parenting should be a Democratic Dictatorship. Be upfront with your
child, get his feelings and input, and trust your instincts. Make the decision you know you need to make.

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