Quick TipTake the Shame out of Making a Mess

making a mess

Kids are messy. They spill things, break things, knock into things. They have a tendency to be a little clumsy as they grow into their legs and arms and feet…and brains.

So here’s a simple tip. It’s not a new concept, but an old adage worth adapting for our kids:

Don’t fuss over spilled milk…

…or over a chair knocked over, or over a broken glass.

Mistakes happen.

I heard a speaker, once, tell a beautiful story about his father’s response when he accidentally drove a car into a lake. It shocked the audience to hear that the father didn’t get angry. Or shameful. Or even overly disappointed.

He got practical. “Well son,” he said, “how are you going to get to the dance?”

So while I’m not suggesting that you ignore all mistakes, I AM suggesting that you accept that mistakes are human, and stay matter-of-fact about them.

The next time something in your house gets broken, or knocked over, or bumped; the next time your child slides into a chair, or bumps into a wall, or even chases the dog around the house; let it go. No shame, no judgment. Let kids be kids.

If you must respond, get practical. Try something like, “Well, son, what are you going to do to clean it up?”

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