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Take Two: A Simple Cure for “Snarkiness” and a “Bad” Attitude

When a “bad” attitude, unpleasant tone or “snarkiness” are a problem in your house, what do you do? Do you ignore it? Do you go with sanctimonious preaching? Do you get resentful? Worse, do you stoop to that level?

This is an issue every parent on the planet deals with from time to time, and Ann, one of the Moms in our Parent Success System program, has an absolutely brilliant solution.

Whenever anyone (including the adults in the house) communicates in a way that feels harsh, unkind, or disrespectful – the person listening is empowered to simply say, “Take Two.”

This prompts the speaker to try the communication again in a way that is easier for the receiver.

Here’s the catch: it’s important to do this without judgment. You’re essentially asking the speaker to be more conscious of how something is being said, so you want to model that behavior as best as you can.

It’s easy to say things without thinking first. “Take Two” is a simple way to redirect and avoid some upset.

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