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Great Parent Education Course

6 Things to Look For In a GREAT Parent Education Course

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Parenting Is A Full-Time Job Parenting is an immersive experience. It’s the biggest job most of us will ever do…


Medicating a Child for ADHD: A Parent Dilemma

By Michael Banov

Choosing to put your child on medication for ADHD is often a difficult and emotionally challenging decision. Parents are reluctant…

letting your child fail

Letting Your Child Fail Can Be the Hardest Thing to Do

By Diane Dempster

The Need To “Fix It” I grew up in a family where achievement and hard work were valued. I was…


Success with ADD/ADHD: A Strength Based Approach

By David Giwerc

We live in a performance-oriented world.  It’s a world where too much emphasis is placed on identifying a person’s weaknesses…

Improve Communication

10 Tips for Communicating with Your Child’s Teachers

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Most Teachers Mean Well Sometimes the greatest teachers do not know how best to motivate or support kids with complex…


Play Your Way to a Higher IQ

By Beth Ardell

Once believed to be static, plenty of evidence now supports the idea that IQ scores are, in fact, influenced by many factors. Genetics play a significant role, of course, but so do physical, socio-economic and educational environments.


Relationship Battles: Lay Down Your Sword and Shield

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

The Power of Language Have you ever noticed how often we use military references in describing human interactions? Think about…


How to Handle Impulsive Interruptions

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Does Your Kid Interrupt You? As we all know all too well, impulsive interruptions are a big challenge with our…


Teach Healthy Management to Help Your ADD/ADHD Child

By Edward Hallowell

How easily the gifts of ADHD are lost on a child amid negative comments from doctors, teachers, and even loving…