Quick TipAdopting ADHD Systems and Structures at Different Ages

ADHD systems

True or false: You can outgrow ADHD?

Okay, it's a trick question. But more often than not, the answer is: False.
ADHD is a chronic condition that continues to throw obstacles in your child's way as he develops. The good news – of course there is good news! – is that when you implement systems and structures into your kid's life, he will learn how to adapt, accommodate, and overcome those challenges as they arise. ADHD follows your child into adulthood, but so can helpful systems and structures.

Let's say your child takes medication. Maybe, as a young child, you put it on the morning checklist and watch him take it. As he gets older, he keeps it in a days-of-the-week container and takes it before he gets on the bus. Then, it's tied to a house rule and he can't get his driver's license or borrow the car unless he takes it consistently. As an adult, he may set an alarm on his phone to remind him. When he learns the value of systems and structures, he will be more likely to use them on his own. Will the obstacles still be there? Sure. But he will have learned how to jump over them.


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