Quick TipCreate Space for Quiet

“Silent retreats” seem to be all the rage. I’ve tried a little experiment of my own, and I highly recommend it. I’ve created “speech-free” zones for myself, and they are quite invigorating.

For the past 15 years, since my cell phone became a necessity, I’ve used it to stay connected. Every free minute you could find me calling my friend in KS, or Hamilton, or checking in with my moms.

But lately, I’m taking those times to be quiet, especially alone in the car (yes, it happens!). No radio, no phone call, just me and my thoughts. In fact, I’ve even planned an entire Saturday afternoon when no one else is around and I can just do my stuff in peaceful quiet.

Given the general volume and activity level in my home, it’s a rare treat to find quiet. But when I create it for myself, it’s an absolute pleasure.

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