Quick Tip

Find a Real Problem to Fix

Some people are “problem-solvers,” and they love to find solutions to puzzles. They tend to be great strategists, and resourceful fixers. They pride themselves on the accomplishment of helping others.

Problem is, when there are not problems that actually need to be solved, these people tend to create them to keep life interesting for themselves. It can leave a whole lot of drama in its wake, and put a lot of unnecessary pressure on others.

 So the tip this week is simple: Pay attention to the “problem” you’re trying to solve, and make sure it actually wants your attention.
Get clear on:

  • what is the actual problem?
  • in what way is it a problem?
  • who is it impacting?
  • whose responsibility is it, really?
  • what will happen if you do nothing?

 You might be surprised to learn that, with a little patience, the “problem” will work itself out. Or, better yet, your child will figure out what to do to fix things!



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