Quick TipHeed Warning Signs: Boost Your Immune System

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Change of Season gets me every time. The weather gets fickle, and the next thing I know, I’ve got a cold. I wish I could say I prevented it this year, but no such luck. Last night, I led the new Coaching Group doing my Suzanne Pleshette imitation. (If you don’t know who she is, call yourself young and catch an old re-run of the Bob Newhart Show.)

I did manage to lessen the intensity of this cold, by paying attention to my body, and boosting my immune system. I faithfully take vitamins twice a day (a large handful).  And when I start to feel run down, or someone else in the family comes down with a cold, I pull out the old faithful: Vitamin C, anti-virals, extra water and a bit more sleep.

The next couple of months are going to get a little hairy for all of us. The weather will turn cold (for most of us), the schedule will get even fuller (is that possible?), the holidays will be here in a blink, and the immune system will start running low on steam.  (Note to self: Perhaps it’s time to bring in another featured expert on supplements & wellness!)

So pay attention to when you start to feel tired or run-down, and give your body the EXTRA fuel it needs. You might be able to avoid your own Suzanne Pleshette imitation — completely!

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