Inspiring Innovation Podcast


Inspiring Innovation, a blog by Meron Bareket created to inspire worldwide entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, learn from the experts, and turn ideas into reality, was kind enough to collaborate with me and conduct an interview about my journey with ADHD. 

In episode 42 of the Inspiring Innovation Podcast, Meron conducts questions that allow me to open up and share my honest experiences. I begin to discuss how I went through the first ten years of raising my children with undiagnosed ADHD, along with the hardships that followed and surrounded our everyday life. As the conversation progresses, I continue to take a glimpse at the emotions inside the Taylor-Klaus home, and the answers I sought out in order to find balance and harmony for my loved ones and the place we like to call home.

For an insider look at Meron’s thoughts, to listen to the podcast, or read the interview, follow the link to his blog here:

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