Quick TipKeep on Smiling

Keep on Smiling

Okay, so some days you may feel more like choking someone than smiling. You are a parent, after all, and that is perfectly normal!

The trick is to take care of yourself when you are feeling that way, which can help you shift out of a bad mood as quickly as possible. This is important not only to prevent yourself from doing something you’ll regret later, but also because it just feels rotten to be so frustrated!

So, cliché as it may sound (remember clichés get that way because they are so true), turn your frown upside down. Seriously, go off by yourself, take a deep breath and smile.

Something happens when we smile – serotonin is released and our brain starts getting signals that there is something to be happy about. Sure, you might be gritting your teeth at first, but then take another breath and release your jaw muscles. Maybe even let out a few audible sighs.  Let the smile guide your energy to a better place. Who knows – maybe you’ll even discover something to smile about!

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