Quick TipMake Your Own Happy Holidays

happy holidays

Ah, the holidays! For a long time, I felt that my family never saw my best self because I was always so stressed and overwhelmed. I took on too much, wanting everything to be perfect, to spend time with loved ones on the set of our very own Hallmark movie. And, boy, isn’t that a ton of work!? Waking up on January 2, I’d think, “Wait a second! Where was my happy holidays?!”

Let’s make our New Year’s resolution a bit early and promise to remember that this is our holiday, too! Take a few minutes to set intentions: How do you want to feel on January 2? What do you want to remember? What are your priorities: spending time with your family? Seeing the smile on your kids’ faces as they open the gifts they really wanted? Connecting with your spiritual community?

Think about your holiday goals now so that you can plan for them and have a (great) holiday too! Here’s the deal: no one knows what holidays are “supposed” to look like except you. If you don’t have a Martha Stewart table setting or the “right” bottle of wine, no one will know – or care! They’ll remember laughing at the table, taking a walk to see lights, or hearing Uncle John’s favorite joke for the 457th time. So make sure to keep the good times rolling, making priceless memories and having a great holiday — by cultivating the moments that mean something to you. So you can wake up feeling wonderful on January 2!

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