Quick TipPause / Breathe


Never underestimate the value of taking a break, a pause, or a breather, whether it’s deep breathing, counting to 10, or walking away before reacting. “Pause” has the power to re-direct and diffuse even the most difficult circumstances. Though simple, breathing is really a powerful tool:

  • It reverses some of the natural responses when we are under stress, counteracts production of stress hormones, and slows down our heart rate and blood pressure.
  • A few (3 – 5) deep breaths can be more than enough time to give you some space to really figure out how you want to respond in a situation. An added bonus: if you breathe, or pause first before responding, there is a real chance that you will respond differently. Potentially, that can help you avoid one of those challenging “why did I say that?” situations.
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