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Phone a Friend

Sometimes I feel like there is a constant conversation going on in my head — things to remember, things I regret, things I ruminate over. I suppose it’s a side-effect of the overwhelm and frustration I feel as a parent of kids with ADD/ADHD.  One coach I know calls it “Stinkin Thinkin,” and it causes stress for many of us.  We work and re-work a thought in our head until it’s well-worn and unrecognizable.

One of the best salves for getting ruminations out of your head is to talk about them.  Write about them.  Commiserate about them.  You can write all your obsessive thoughts on a piece of paper and throw them away, or set a timer and have a “b*$#&^ session” with a friend.  No need to solve everything. Just clear the stressful energy of worry and self-doubt.

Here’s the bonus!  Talking actually releases serotonin into the body, which can counteract the buildup of the stress hormones, and help you calm down. So the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, phone a friend, and ask for permission to vent! Sometimes, it’s just the therapy you need the most.

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