Quick TipPlanning to be Spontaneous

be Spontaneous

Being flexible is a great life skill, and is often hard for our kids, who tend to like things to be fixed and predictable. As we start back to school, consider spending some time focused on increasing your child’s spontaneity.

We need “safe” ways to challenge and stretch our kids to be more adaptable. Sometimes, that means planning for it!  It may not be easy. Not only are our kids challenged with transitions, but our own struggles with flexibility and organization can get in the way, too.

Here’s an idea: Come up with 3-5 options for an afternoon or day adventure.  Figure out what it would take to do each, and make notes on what you would need to do to prepare for the activity.  You could even make it a family project to do the planning together. Put slips of paper into a jar with each of the adventures written on it. Then schedule an adventure day. Get up in morning, pull a slip, and go do it!

Afterward, talk about what was fun and challenging about doing it – and be sure to share your own struggles with being light on your feet. And don’t forget: celebrate the successes, and learn from the challenges.

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