Quick TipTake a Fresh Air Break

woman sitting outside

You’re distracted, fatigued, and crabby. It could be that you are deficient in vitamin-G. This is what scientists are beginning to call time outside, or in green space. Vitamin-G works wonders with ADHD kids – but right now, we’re just talking about you. Fresh air is good for everything from digestion and blood pressure, to immune systems and mood. It is as transformative when the flowers are in full bloom as it is when the snow is swirling. We can break difficult cycles, interrupt upsets, and redirect meltdowns (for our kids and ourselves!) with a breath of fresh air. Or two. Three, on some days! Throughout your day, open a door, crack a window, or better yet, go outside and take a deep breath. You’ll be amazed at how restorative it is, and how you’ll be able to handle…well, whatever surprise comes next!

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