Quick TipTake a Lunch Break

Lunch Break

How often do you see yourself:

  • sitting at your desk – fork in one hand, computer mouse in the other?
  • eating lunch in your car, again?
  • mindlessly putting food in your mouth as you are focused on something else.

For me, it’s a daily occurrence. Lunch, for many of us, has become a time to catch up on work and emails. Even if we do take a break from work during the day, we usually end up doing something else (paying bills, creating a grocery list, or dare I say it: playing on facebook!)

Perhaps your habit is reading the latest book you grabbed at the library. Regardless of what you do, you aren’t paying attention to eating. Research has shown that pleasant conversation while eating does aid in digestion. Anything else likely gets in the way.  We eat too much, not enough, not the right thing.  Mindful eating goes right out the window.

So do yourself and your body a favor.  At least once a week, make a commitment to actually eating lunch, and doing nothing else but look out the window, or enjoy the company of a friend.

You might miss the latest pin on Pinterest, but slowing down and eating consciously will definitely help you in lots of other ways.

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