Take Aim

Taking Aim is the first step in our Action Model for ADHD – and many parents tell us that it has the most profound impact of anything we teach!

When you take aim, you are focusing in on one challenge at a time, very specifically. It’s quite difficult to change “mornings” or “homework,” in general. But when you target a particular challenge, like brushing teeth, or getting started on homework, you can actually DO something about that!

Once you take aim, you can follow the next steps in the model (step 2: collecting information; step 3: planning, etc.) and devise specific strategies to improve the situation. (The ADHD Parent Manual is a 25 minute video that walks you through how to use the model).

The more specifically you ”Take Aim” to tackle challenging or frustrating behaviors, the better your results will be!

And by the way, this method works for parents AND kids! Not sure how? Read “5 Steps to Settle Family Politics” to see how it works in real life.

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