The Real Reason Parents are Stressed Out

When our kids have complex issues, it’s easy to feel like everything is weighing on our shoulders. Our kids have their challenges, and sometimes our spouses or co-parents are not there for us in the way that we wish they would be. But the real reason parents are stressed out may come as a bit of a surprise. 


We can’t always control our surroundings, or our circumstances. Some of our kids need a lot of extra help, and it’s our job to make that happen. Maybe we’re able to ask for help, maybe we can share the load with a partner, and maybe it falls on us. But the work that needs to be done is not likely to change too much. 


What can change is how we think about it.  


The truth is that, as parents, sometimes we will have to do the lion’s share of the work. We can’t always control that. What we can control is how we interpret that reality.   


Our mindset, or perspective, is an incredibly important piece of the parenting puzzle. Our perceptions can wear us out almost as much as the work itself. We fight against our circumstances, or try to control them – and our resentment grows. And with it, grows our stress, and our exhaustion. 


We can change those stressful feelings, and counter-act the exhaustion, by shifting  our attitudes and our perceptions. Sure, maybe it’s all about accepting a reality. Maybe its about seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, or knowing how and when to ask for help. 


But instead of focusing on how exhausting these situations are, we can begin to think of it as an opportunity to work on how we perceive our reality. Instead of spending your energy stressing about what could be, you have an opportunity to accept the work for what it is: work. What’s available for you is a shift in attitude. 


So, if you’re curious about the real reason parents are stressed out and exhausted, and ready for things to shift, listen to this helpful 3 minute video tip. When you do, notice how your view of the world begins to change – and with it, how your load begins to get a little lighter! 



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