Parents are so used to giving to others – to jobs, to family, to friends, to schools and to colleagues – that they often have nothing left for themselves. We created ImpactADHD® for those parents who tend to put themselves last, but who vitally need support, solutions, and coaching. Empowering yourself is the best way to empower your children. This is for you.

As we sought answers and ways to understand and manage our ADHD kids, we turned to what we knew best: coaching. In our professional practices, we each helped guide clients to greater clarity and helped them remove obstacles to success and satisfaction. Coaching empowered them to do the same thing in their parenting approach. It made a world of difference, and we wanted it to make a difference in the world.

After the 2010 CHADD conference in Atlanta, we decided to help other parents of kids with ADD/ADHD benefit from coaching and community. Just months later, we founded ImpactADHD to give parents the strategies, skills, and expert guidance you need to manage the reality of ADD/ADHD. With coaching, you can learn to set realistic, attainable goals, communicate more effectively, and start on a path of happier, more effective parenting.

ImpactADHD is a community of parents with similar circumstances who come together to support each other and learn how to take a coach-approach to raising your kids. Being part of a community that includes compassionate coaches helps us all stay the course, set limits, try new things, find acceptance, change our habits, laugh instead of cry, understand instead of yell. Thrive instead of just survive.

Our unique programs are designed to give you the support you need in a way that works for you. Coaching radically improves the way you manage the roller coaster of raising ADD/ADHD kids – and allows you to enjoy the ride!