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Increase Focus with Fun!

Increase focus

Quick, name something your kid can do for hours. For many kids – ADHD or not – video games manage to capture their attention and keep it far longer than other activities, like homework and chores. Hmm. Wonder why!? It’s because games are fun, constantly changing, and provide immediate feedback. This appeals to the ADHD brain, which craves continual novelty. Here’s the good news: some screen time can help train your child and develop stronger focus and less distractibility. 

Let’s be serious, Mario Kart’s probably not going to cut it as far as brain-training. But the creators of PlayAttention and BrainTrain are based their games on “neurofeedback.” That is, with special sensors, your child’s brain actually powers the games. Sounds like sci-fi, doesn’t it? The technology has been around for decades, and researchers have seen promising results when applied to kids with ADHD.

Remember, these games can be a fun addition but never a substitute for a comprehensive ADHD treatment program.  Nothing should replace exercise, brain breaks, appropriate systems and structures, and good old-fashioned games to help your child learn to focus more effectively, as well.

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