Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download the videos so I have a backup in case I lose the link?
Yes! We encourage you to download the videos to your own device. You can easily do so by clicking the “Download Video” button beneath each video.

Is the product available as a DVD?
The videos are currently only available as a digital product. However, you may download the videos and burn them to a DVD or USB drive to watch on your other devices at your convenience.

How long is each video?
The four tip videos are a little over 15 minutes long each. The Bonus interview is just over 30 minutes long.

Where can I ask questions about the training in the videos?
You can join our special parenting community on Facebook, where you can connect with and get input from other conscious parents. One of our Impact coaches will respond to your questions there. There is no fee to join this community, though it is a closed group. Just request to join us at this link, and we’d love to have you!

Where can I sign up for additional training and support?
ImpactADHD offers several programs to help you with your complex kids! Here is a full list of programs currently available with more information on each of them. Enrolling in Sanity School for parents is a great place to start!

What do I do if I lose my password?
If you forget or misplace your password or link to the videos, simply email us at with the name and email address you used to purchase the program, and we will gladly send you new login information.

How long will I be able to access the videos?
You will receive permanent access to the videos with your link and password. However, if you are worried about internet outages and want to make sure you always have a copy on hand, we encourage you to download the videos to your device.

I want my parents to see these videos — how can I get them a copy?
The Parenting with Impact videos were designed for personal use. Yes, feel free to share them with your family. But please encourage others to get their own copy. That will help us provide more terrific programs like this!

I would like to share these videos with my son’s school-is that OK?
The Parenting with Impact videos were designed for personal use, but we’d be delighted to talk with you about how your school might use them with a broader audience. Please contact us at to set up a conversation with Elaine to talk how this might work. If you are looking for a simpler solution, perhaps you can buy one for the school library.

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