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Marriage and ADHD: 9 Tips to Co-Parent Effectively

By Melissa Orlov

You and your partner won’t be the ‘same’ at parenting – and that’s a good thing.  When it comes to…

Deal with Family Conflict

How Do You Deal with Family Conflict?

By Diane Dempster

How do you typically handle conflict when it comes up in your family? Do you walk away? Do you fight…


Alone At The Table

By Diane Dempster

“My spouse is not at the table with me on the issues surrounding my Complex child.” This is a common…


Six Strategies for Creating Strong Families With ADHD, Part 2

By Melissa Orlov

Last week I wrote about three things you can do to strengthen your ADHD-impacted family. I talked about Focusing on…


ADHD Makes Sex Even More Important: Four Big Ideas

By Ari Tuckman

Does it feel like you’ve let your relationship with your spouse take a back seat, especially since your child’s ADHD…

Parents Of ADHD Kids

How Parents Of ADHD Kids Can Keep Your Relationship Strong!

By Sarah Ferman, PhD & Robert Wilford, MD

When you are a parent raising a child with ADHD, it is easy to lose that “loving feeling” you once…

Married to ADHD

Are You Married to ADHD?

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Are you married to ADHD? I am! And for the first 10 years, before we understood it, life with my…

Vicki Steine

Five Simple Steps to Healthy Living

By Vicki Steine

It’s summertime, and our theme this month is Impact on the Parent’s Life. We wanted to share with you this…