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Mindy Katz

What Makes a Good Parent?

By Mindy Schwartz Katz

We parents often feel that we don’t measure up. This comes from watching others’ parenting styles and hearing their versions of what is and isn’t the correct way to parent. We feel judged when our children are not quiet, well-behaved, good listeners.


How to Manage ADHD Effectively: 6 Fundamental Steps

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

ADHD Is Manageable! That’s the message of the new e-book by ImpactADHD, “ADHD in Reality: Practical Tips FROM Parents, FOR…


20 Pearls of Wisdom for Enjoying the Ride

By Diane Dempster

Enjoy The Ride On this, our 20th week to Feature Expertise, we want to offer a quick re-cap, 20 tips…


Lessons from CHADD, 12 Things We Learned

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

We have just returned from an exhilarating (albeit exhausting) weekend at the international CHADD conference (Children and Adults with ADHD).…