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How to Plan Your Day…Week…LIFE! Simple Structures to Leverage the Power of Planning

By Alan Brown

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they…


Ensure the Success of Your Reward System With These 3 Tips

By Diane Dempster

A reward system can be a powerful behavior management tool. How can you change make it work well in your…


ADHD, Art & Organization: 3 Simple Projects to Get Organized

By Tracey Goodwin, MEd & Holly Oberacker, ATR

What do ADHD, Art and Organization have in common? When you combine a highly creative ADHD brain with art materials,…


Leverage ADHD in Children and Teens

Interview with Dr. Billi Bittan

As parents of complex kids, we can get a little stuck trying to “fix” the challenges our children face. We…

manage ADHD

Get Organized: 10 Tips to Manage an ADHD Household

By Terry Matlen

It’s tough when one or more kids in a household has ADHD. Toys are strewn about the house and dirty…


I Took Depression & ADHD to College (and How My Parents Let Go)

By Rick Frost

  I Was A Typical Complex Teenager From the moment my parents finished helping me move into my college dorm,…

managing expectations

Holiday “Gift-Obsession” and Managing Expectations

By Diane Dempster

The holidays tend to magnify everything: the streets and houses get more beautiful with lights and decorations; neighbors get cheerier;…

happy holidays

Make Your Own Happy Holidays

By Diane Dempster

Ah, the holidays! For years, I felt that my family never saw the best of me because I was always…


Doctor’s Advice to Make it Easier to Parent ADHD

Interview with Mark Bertin

We all come into parenting with a lot of preconceived notions of how things should be. We read traditional advice…