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Doctor’s Advice to Make it Easier to Parent ADHD

Interview with Mark Bertin

We all come into parenting with a lot of preconceived notions of how things should be. We read traditional advice…


Managing Chaotic Times in the Life of a Family with ADHD

Interview with Ari Tuckman

The only thing constant in family life is change. Whether it’s starting school, ending school, changing jobs or even a…


ADHD Identity is Connected to Sleep Management

Interview with Dr. Roberto Olivardia

“I don’t know anyone with ADHD who doesn’t have trouble with sleep,” says Guest Expert Dr. Roberto Olivardia, kicking things…

Kids addicted, too much technology

Too Much Technology – Is Your Kid Really Addicted?

Interview with Randy Kulman

“Is there too much technology? And, are our kids really addicted?” These are the questions posed to our Guest Expert,…


What Skills do Complex Teens Need to be Ready for Adulthood?

Interview with Samantha Feinman

Do you know exactly what life and school skills your complex teen needs to be successful when they reach adulthood?…

Florence Cannon

3 Skills to Help Your Child Remember

By Florence Cannon

Prospective memory — that is, remembering to perform a planned action at some future time — is crucial for managing…


Relationships by Design

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

The Truth About Relationships Relationships are hard work. Without the stress of school, summer is a time of fun, a…

find your village

Find Your Village

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

It Takes A Village… We all know it takes a village to raise a child. Can you imagine trying to…

Helping ADHD kids

Helping ADHD Kids Get Started on Daunting Tasks

By Diane Dempster

Why Won’t They Do What I Ask? Clean your room. Do your homework. Bake a quiche. For the ADHD kid,…