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Speak Digital

Do You Speak Digital?

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

While we don’t know everything about ADHD (yet!), what we do know is that it’s complex, and that we have…


Help, My Kid is Sneaking Technology!

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster

  Should you admit your mistakes to your kids? It’s the age-old parenting question! Elaine:So, a lot of times we…

Manage Morning Madness

Managing Morning Madness

Interview with Michele Novotni

Backpack? Check. Lunchbox? Check. Brushed teeth? Check. You breathe a sigh of relief, rushing your kids to the bus stop.…


They’re So SLOW – How Can I Speed My Kids Up?

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster

  Elaine: We’ve gotten a bunch of questions around this issue of how do I get my kid to do…


Simplifying Routines and Rituals

Interview with Mike Vardy

Simplifying routines and rituals may actually be easier than many of us think. If you provide yourself with a way to focus…

ADHD Child

4 Tips to Introduce an ADHD Child to Systems and Structures

By Diane Dempster

Systems and structures help us tame the chaos of life with ADHD, bringing order to our homes and more confidence…


What Is There to Love About Back to School?

By Diane Dempster

The Gift of Back-To-School I remember as a kid growing up I always loved September and heading back to school.…


Check in With Your Body

By Lidia Zylowska

Note: This week’s Self-Care Tip is brought to us by our fabulously mindful featured Expert, Lidia Zylowska! Set an intention…


Making Strategies Happen: Turning Ideas Into Action

By Alan Brown

Strategies. Coping strategies. ADD-mitigating strategies. Great words. They seem loaded with promise. “Wow, I wanna get more strategies, to crush…