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Kids addicted, too much technology

Too Much Technology – Is Your Kid Really Addicted?

Interview with Randy Kulman

“Is there too much technology? And, are our kids really addicted?” These are the questions posed to our Guest Expert,…


Five Conversations to Have with your Parents and Elders During the Pandemic: A Guide for the Sandwich Generation

By Catherine Hammond

Life has suddenly changed, and your loved ones over 60 are most at risk. It’s never easy to be in…


Assistive Technology & ADHD: A Guide for Parents & Students

By Joe Tedesco

Technology is all around us, providing for many of the conveniences we enjoy in a modern society. At the same…


Use This Information to Eliminate Family Stress

By Susan Baum

Do you worry that your child is disorganized? Have you noticed that your children are different from each other and…


Preparing Students with ADHD for Success at College

By Elizabeth Hamblet

Sending students with ADHD to college can be thrilling and nerve-wracking for parents, especially if they have been providing them…


Laughter Is The Best Medicine (And You Can’t Overdose)

By Rick Green

An ADHD diagnosis can be alarming, upsetting, frightening. “What’s wrong with my child?” we wonder in fear. It’s no laughing…


Taking ADHD/LD from Stress to De-Stress

By Jerome Schultz

Kids with ADHD are constantly bombarded with demands that put them in overdrive. They wonder why school is so hard—so…


Coping With ADHD

By Katherine Ellison

Katherine Ellison’s Secret Trick Like millions of literally millions of other parents around the world, I cope with ADHD as…

Manage Morning Madness

Managing Morning Madness

Interview with Michele Novotni

Backpack? Check. Lunchbox? Check. Brushed teeth? Check. You breathe a sigh of relief, rushing your kids to the bus stop.…