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15 Clues Your Child Is Getting Bullied & What to Do About It

By Barbara Coloroso

Bullying is a familiar topic in the world of complex kids, and internationally renowned parent author and educator, Barbara Coloroso,…


The Parent’s Role in Medication Management for ADHD Kids

By Laurie Dupar

The world of ADHD is an evolving and imperfect one. Fully stepping into your role as parent expert fills an often overlooked gap in the treatment system. Following the above guidelines maximizes your expertise as your child’s “parent,” and keeps you where you belong – as an essential member of your child’s success team.


Limiting Screen Time with a Healthy Play Diet

By Randy Kulman

I field a lot of questions about how to help children with ADHD who seem dependent on screen-based technologies, and…


Parent Expectations: 2 Steps To Success

By Beth Seidel

How do we as parents set expectations for our children, or ourselves, when at least one of us has an…


Parenting Together: Getting on the Same Page

By David Taylor-Klaus

The Downside of Imaginations Imaginary conversations killed our marriage … almost. During our first decade as parents, so many of…


Five Practical Steps to Help Kids Start A New School Year

By Michael Delman

Getting ready for the school year is downright frightening for many kids. According to a survey of 600 teenagers in…


Making Strategies Happen: Turning Ideas Into Action

By Alan Brown

Strategies. Coping strategies. ADD-mitigating strategies. Great words. They seem loaded with promise. “Wow, I wanna get more strategies, to crush…


Organizing 101: The 3 M’s Will Help You C.O.P.E.

By Elise Marinos

In a world filled with so much information, literally at our fingertips, how do we narrow our focus to practical…


Staying Calm 24/7 When You or Your Kids Have ADHD

By Kirk Martin

What would it be like to enjoy an entire day of calm? What about enjoying this on a consistent basis?…