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How to Motivate Your Child to Become a Life-Long Learner

By Jed Applerouth

It’s rare to find a student who consistently exhibits strong motivation towards all academic subjects. Jennifer may race towards math,…


Assistive Technology & ADHD: A Guide for Parents & Students

By Joe Tedesco

Technology is all around us, providing for many of the conveniences we enjoy in a modern society. At the same…


Why Don’t Kids Turn In their Homework If They’ve Done It?

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster

Welcome to Tea & Tips, where we respond to burning questions from parents and educators — taking aim on one…

ADHD Parent

A Huge “aha” for the ADHD Parent: Set Realistic Expectations

By Diane Dempster

When Everything Starts to Make Sense Challenges with Executive Function have many implications for the ADDer in your life. One…

letting your child fail

Letting Your Child Fail Can Be the Hardest Thing to Do

By Diane Dempster

The Need To “Fix It” I grew up in a family where achievement and hard work were valued. I was…


The Link Between Brain Maturity & Academic Success with ADHD

By Chris Dendy

For years, clinicians in the ADHD community debated if a link existed between a child’s brain development and performance in…


3 Easy Tips for Improving Student Effort and Motivation

By Ann Dolin

Just as great athletes require hours in the gym, students with ADHD require hours developing their study skills. Recent studies…

Homework Advice for Kids with ADHD

Outrageous Homework Advice for Kids with ADHD

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Warning: this strategy is going to fly in the face of traditional recommendations to parents! Traditional Advice Does Not Always…


I Took Depression & ADHD to College (and How My Parents Let Go)

By Rick Frost

  I Was A Typical Complex Teenager From the moment my parents finished helping me move into my college dorm,…