ImpactADHD is available for interviews and media appearances. Here are some places you can find us in the media.


16 Parenting Experts Discussing How  To Teach Children Compassion And Kindness.” Guest blog on Mama and Me, by Elaine Taylor-Klaus.

Why Teens Are Stressed—and How Parents Can Help.” An article on Patheos, by Sarah Hamaker.

Put Down the Stick, Pick Up a Feather.” Guest blog on Attention Living Well With ADHD,  by Elaine Taylor-Klaus.

Parenting Fundamentals for Kids With ADHD.” Guest blog on TotallyADD by Elaine Taylor-Klaus.


Chaos to Calm: Behavior Management Strategies for “Complex” Students.” Georgia Association for Positive Behavior Support Conference.

2017 ADDA TADD Talks by Elaine Taylor-Klaus

The Open Office and ADHD: Imperfect Together” Guest blog on ADDitude by Terena Bell

How to ADHD-Proof Your Home” An article by Terena Bell featuring Elaine Taylor-Klaus.

The Coach Approach for Kids with ADHD (and other Complex Kids)” Guest blog on The Educated Mom by Elaine Taylor-Klaus

People With ADHD Can Actually Focus So Hard it’s Scary” An article by Terena Bell featuring Elaine Taylor-Klaus

WANT TO STUDY BETTER? TRY DISTRACTING YOURSELF” Blog on Stay Interesting featuring Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Communicating with Teen and Adolescents” Interview with Blog Talk Radio with Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Should you let your children have candy?” A blog with featuring Elaine Taylor-Klaus

6 challenges all parents face raising kids in 2017