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When Your Heart Is Heavy

A Heavy Heart

We get emails from parents every day, and sometimes they simply break my heart.  There are so many parents who are giving all you can for your families and relationships, and it can feel like your families are really broken. Sometimes, you are scorned, criticized or even abused for what you are doing for your kids, so much that you end up feeling defeated, and completely unable to move forward.

Here’s a response I shared recently with a Mom in our tribe who was in a really rough situation. It’s a good reminder of what to consider when we think there isn’t anything we CAN do!

“Dear Mom –

My heart is with you.  It’s so hard to feel like you work like crazy with no real evidence or appreciation.

What I know for sure is:

1) God knows and appreciates all you do with such a willing heart.

2) Remembering that, and having appreciation for yourself, CAN make things better.

My hope is that you will find the little things to be grateful for, and celebrate as much as you can.  Keep yourself safe, and let other things and concerns go as gently as possible so– that they don’t weigh so heavy on your heart. My hope is also that you find many peaceful moments to come, and have a blessed year.  You are such a gift to the world and your family.  Rest assured in that!

With Love and Gratitude,


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