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Teach Your Kids to Ask for Help – A Mother’s Success Story

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Triumph Out Of Tragedy This is the story of how a recent school shooting actually helped a mom realize that…

Increase focus

Increase Focus with Fun!

By Diane Dempster

Quick, name something your kid can do for hours! For many kids – ADHD or not – video games manage…


Your Powerful Role in Parenting Difficult Kids

Interview with Jane Massengill

Every parent knows that children surprise us from the very beginning. We have pre-conceived notions of what raising a child…


Is Your Child in Your Blind Spot?

By Jeremy Didier

I know a lot about ADHD. That might sound like a pretty cocky thing to say, but bear with me.…


Tips for Helping Kids Feel Proud (When They Don’t Like Praise)

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster

Welcome to Tea & Tips, where we respond to burning questions from parents and educators — taking aim on one…


9 Tips for Non-ADHD Parents to Motivate Your Whole Family

By Melissa Orlov

Families with children with ADHD often discover that one or both parents has ADHD, too.  And when this happens, non-ADHD…

Confident Parenting

Confident Parenting – Why Bother?

By Elaine Taylor-Klaus

Diane and I talk — a lot 🙂 — about the importance of parenting from a place of calm and…

Say Yes

Say Yes! A Parenting Approach The Experts Forgot to Mention

By Diane Dempster

Shifting to “Yes” It’s amazing how often we say the word “no.” Our kids probably hear it more often than…


3 Tips to Increase Peace in Your Home

By Sabrina Marasovich

I have something really embarrassing to share: I tried countless times over the course of about 15 years to change…